CV and Equipment List


Equipment List:

PMW-500  HD   (50Mbps, SxS, XDCAM HD   16mm Film size format)

Canon 5D3       (Uncompressed ProRes 422 / HNxHD,
                           Full Rig, Zacuto EVF, Primes / Zooms)

"B" Camera       Additional 5D3 Camera - recording internally

Canon 17x7.6  HD lens
Wide variety of "L" zooms and prime lenses...
NanoFlash CF Recorder (full HD back-up on-camera recording)
Ninja Blade Recorder - ProRes 422 / Avid HNxHD codecs
17" Macbook Pro with SxS and CF readers

and Filters:
Chrosziel Mattebox
8x Promist filters, (Warm x3, Black x3, Clear x2)
4x Soft FX filters, (½ , 1, 2, 3)
4x N.D. filters, (.3 .6 .9 1.2)
3x Grad. Filters, (N.D. x2, Twilight x1)
1x Polarizer, (Tiffen Ultra-Pol)
Grip: Vinten Vision 100 Fluid head tripod.
Canon Zoom Remote
Cine Saddle, (Mini.)
PoleCat (9ft + 5ft extension)
Track and Dolly, (4m straight run.)
Short Jib Arm + Sachtler Heavy duty Tripod.

1x KinoFlo Diva 400 softlight. (With Dimmer)
2x Chimera 1000W softlights.
1x Rifa-Lite 1000W softlight.
1x Rifa-Lite 300W softlight
2x Arri 800W lights.
3x Sachtler 300W lights.
2x Arri 2000W lights.
1x Dedolight 100W light.
PAG, camera light.

4x 500W lighting dimmers.
4x 2KW lighting dimmers.
Chimera “Soft Egg Crate.”
13x Light stands.
1x Low-floor light stand.
2x Lastolite reflectors
Lastolite Diffuser. (48” size)
2x Sunbounce 4’x4’ Diffusers
Lastolite Lazy Arm.
2x Magic Arms / 6x Super Clamps.
Boom arm for Sachtler light.
Lightweight Cloth Flag (4ft x 3ft)
Black Drape (15ft x 8ft)
Chroma-Key Screen - Green. (6ft x 9ft)

Monitoring: Sony '740  OLED  HD field monitor.
Sound: SQN – 5S Series Ive   -  5 Channel, Stereo Sound mixer.
Zoom H4N  Solid State Audio Recorder
Sennheiser MKH60 - Short-gun mic.
2x Radio-mics. (2040 Audio Ltd) - UHF Diversity
Tram TR50 Tie-clip mics. (x4)
Sanken COS11 Tie-clip mics. (x2)
Sony ECM77 Tie-clip mics. (x2)
AKG C1000 Condenser mic.
Beyer MCE58 Reporter’s mic.
Coles Lip mic
Halkwoods camera, twin radio-receiver holder.
2x Sennheiser HD25 Broadcast headphones.
Carbon fibre 5-stage Ambient Fishpole.
Power: 5x PAG Digital Lithium-Ion L96
240V camera power supply.
Transport: Crew Vehicle - Toyota Previa MPV - Seats 5 people.
Full security cage for equipment,
Air conditioning,
Sat Nav…
Small sample of Lighting Cameraman / DoP Credits:
Documentary: Inside the Mind of Tony Blair
MacIntyre Investigates
Prince William
Au Pair Story
Diana, A Royal Tribute
Towards 2000
Room At The Top

Channel 4

Light Entertainment: Sunday Life
End Of Story (Alexei Sayle)
Eastenders Revealed
Celebrity Fit Club
Drivers from Hell
Songs Of Praise
Rich and Famous
The Property Show
Scouting About
Sky Sports
Behaving Badly
Personal Services

Carlton Food

Features: Watchdog
Crime Stoppers
Money Programme
Serious Money
London Fashion Week
Illegal Whale Fishing

World TV
World TV

Current Affairs: Newsnight - BBC
BBC Regional News - UK wide...
BBC Breakfast
Punchbag - HTV
Frontline Scotland - BBC
Promotional: BBC Promotions - various
Testimonial Series - CNBC ( x 40 )
“Platinum People”
John Grooms
“The Dog”
Art International
“Aldwich One”
Cadillac, Concept Car
Fox Kids
General Electric Orange McLaren F1
NHS Trust Tesco Olympic Bid - Austria
Pepsico Vodaphone Freeserve
Siemens Lloyds TSB Sainsbury's
Japan World Cup Bid Powergen Vauxhall
Equipment: HD shooting with PMW-500 and Canon 5D2 / 5D3
Amazing array of lighting, sound, green screen, jib arm, full audio kit…
Full Broadcast quality edit facility (studio and location)
Digital stills, lighting and image re-touching.
Experience: Over 17 years in Broadcast and Corporate productions.
Photographic experience in fields of corporate, events, product, social...
4 years directing and producing (studio and location.)
2 years as technical production manager.
3 years as studio / live / PSC sound engineer.
Client Base: BBC Television, LWT, Carlton TV, HTV, Anglia TV, APTN,
Big Wave, ZDF, Sky, Planet TV, CNBC, Broadview, Pukka,
Heavy Entertainment, CFN, Jacaranda, GMTV, Take 3, World TV, BHP
Fox Kids, On Screen, Jack Morton, Spirit, Aspect…
Formats: Experience with all the usual video formats including ENG and large format cameras.
Additional Skills:
Director / Producer Broadcast and corporate credits.
Experienced in single or multi-camera direction.
Production management skills and experience.
Location PSC, 3x Multi-camera broadcast series…
Sound PSC sound-recordist and studio engineer.
Skilled in Multi-track techniques, ( 24 track )
Credited as engineer on a number of albums.
Post Final Cut Pro
DVD Studio Pro
Photography Commercial, social, products, people…
Digital photography with full post production
Retouching, print and design

A Potted History

During his career, Lee has managed a recording studio, run a successful production company, directed over 60 programmes for broadcast, and production-managed many projects and events. 

Now working almost exclusively as lighting-cameraman and photographer, Lee’s TV experience includes credits on a wide variety of broadcast, corporate and advertising productions - also involving work abroad in Japan, Mauritius, Thailand, Brazil and much of Europe.

TV work includes documentaries, features and promotional work for broadcast, along with many corporate programmes for the top production houses.  Photography work has graced top publications as full page adverts through to imagery for blue chip clients all over the world. 

First choice cameraman / photographer for many production companies and directors, Lee has nurtured a solid client base that expects only the finest of images from an experienced professional.

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Director of Photography, based in Uxbridge, Middlesex - shooting all over the world...